Recycling, Processing and Manufacturing Plastics
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Our Services

Polymer Industries can provide a range of services to the plastics manufacturing sector, all of which are intended to free up your time and resources to be able to focus on your core business. These include;

Size reduction (cutting, shredding, granulating)

We can handle bulky products and components that are not suitable to go through your own in-house granulation system, including purge (lump), larger sprues/runners etc

Granulation and toll-granulation

Whether you are looking for your own materials to be granulated and returned to you for re-use, or simply a route for your scrap polymers to be taken away, we can help you. We will discuss the best methods of on-site collection and segregation to enable you to reduce costs and recover some value wherever possible.

Reverse engineering of assembled components

We specialise in handling co-moulded components, including encapsulated metal fittings. These are often sent to landfill as they are too time consuming to take apart. We can evaluate the work involved and in most cases find a cost-effective solution to carry out the separation work, including cutting, stripping or pressing.

Secure destruction

We can handle any sensitive or branded thermoplastic products that you would like to be securely destroyed to prevent them getting back into the market, we can also provide a certificate of destruction, as well as finding final markets for the recovered polymers.

Melt filtration and compounding

We can take in your obsolete or scrap plastics and turn them back into a pellet for re-use, or we can modify them with the addition of masterbatch and additives to enhance their potential re-use back in the manufacturing cycle.

Product and materials development

We work closely with you to understand your product and the material requirements, and then we aim to find the right feedstock material that meets the product performance criteria as well as your budget. We are proud to work very closely with Exeter University who have already assisted us in providing materials and process testing for a number of projects.