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Polymer Industries joins forces with TGM Recycling

Polymer Industries has just signed an agreement that will see it become part of TGM Recycling, a south London based group of companies that has a long heritage in paper and cardboard recycling.

Polymer Industries will maintain its main operating facility at Wrangaton, South Devon where it will expand its processing and manufacturing capacity with investment from TGM Recycling. They will continue to provide innovative recycling services, materials processing and products to a wide range of industries.

The founders of Polymer Industries Ltd, Jason Goozée and John Gibbins, will continue to manage and develop the business.

Managing Director Jason Goozée commented, “I am delighted that Polymer Industries has now become part of the TGM Recycling Group. It not only strengthens our combined management team, but also gives us greater support and confidence to drive the business forward and to further expand our polymer reprocessing and manufacturing capabilities. I see a bright future ahead for the Group.”

The business now plans to take on additional staff this year, and will also invest in equipment and new product development.

Commenting on the acquisition TGM Recycling Chairman Graeme Coombs explained, “this supports and cements our diversification into clean plastics recycling and manufacturing”.

Polymer Industries joins the TGM group of companies

Polymer Industries joins the TGM group of companies

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