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Supplying Quality Recycled Polymer Grades

Manufacturers Requirements

Polymer Industries works closely with manufacturers to comprehensively understand their material requirements and identify the most suitable quality controlled material.

High Quality Recycled Grades

By using our high-quality recycled grades our customers have been able to make significant savings on their raw materials purchasing, with no impact upon the quality of their finished products.

Only Traceable Materials Used

All materials are catalogued and traceable, and we process not only by type but by grades. We make it our business to know the provenance of all materials that we supply and to thoroughly understand their characteristics.

Stringent Quality Control

We operate a stringent quality control process within a clean facility, all materials are inspected and hand-sorted prior to processing to eliminate all possible contamination.

Typically, materials we work with include;

  • PP injection grade (unfilled, talc-filled, glass filled), sheet grade.
  • LDPE injection and extrusion grades.
  • HDPE (injection, pipe, sheet, blow moulding and roto-moulding grades).
  • ABS injection grade.
  • PS injection grades (including HIPS, GPPS).
  • PA6 and PA6.6 injection and extrusion grades (non-FR and FR, unfilled and glass-filled).
  • uPVC and PVC grades – injection, extrusion and sheet grades.
  • Flexible PVC cable grade.
  • EVA injection and extrusion grades.
  • Polycarbonate injection and sheet grades (FR and non FR)
  • Acrylic sheet grade (cast and injection grades).
  • PET

Plus many others including high specification engineering polymers  such as PEEK, PAEK, PPS, etc.